So much for being back...I need coffee.

Monday, February 4, 2019

As my current favorite instagram blogger, Jen @theramblingredhead, says(sings):
"Good morning, good MORNING!"

Hi. How are y'all?

Got your coffee?

Oh, shoot, mines in the microwave. Hold Please.
Alright...Here goes nothing. Let me catch you guys up on life.

ONE- I got really really sick last winter. Like barely left the bed for days. I had weeks of not being able to function without a major nap. My doc checked me for every virus possible. We still aren't sure on the root cause but it triggered my immune system to attack itself. I now have a lovely diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. It's so much fun, let me tell you what. The last few months have been spent trying to navigate what will trigger my joints to go bananas and what helps me function.

TWO- We moved! Ok, so we moved six minutes from our old house but still... buying another home is a big deal after 5 years of renting. This blog was named because it described a part of our previous house. So I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around writing here under the same name. The truth is, this new home is also a safe-haven, a clubhouse for anyone who needs a safe space. I guess that means the name still fits. Also this one has way more space, and I've been very busy making it our own.

THREEMiddle school is the armpit of parenting. A good friend told me this last year and I am 100% confident that it is true. J is now in 7th grade. 6th sort of felt like Kindergarten again. They are a little wild, don't really know whats going on, and really want to impress everyone. 7th is a bit easier, however, I am still not a fan of the way he smells after PE. Block scheduling was a big change this year for their school but it seems to suit him better. He is also going to be taller than me soon. I may need to start wearing heels more often...

FOUR- Both kids are now in double digits. Someone hold me! I'm not sure how we got here so quickly. I'm just grateful that B is a notice-er. She sees everything, the good ,the bad, and sometimes the ugly (like when we were taking the family pictures below and we took a close-up together..."mama your makeup is screwed up in your wrinkles". Thanks kid. Give it a couple of years and I'll get her back by pointing out her zits.) Although she usually has the cleanest room in the there's that. 

FIVE- We each decided to celebrate our birthdays with great seats to see some our favorite teams. While I stuck close to home at a Royals game, we celebrated Jeremys big birthday in Pittsburgh with some amazing friends. We landed the day of the Squirrel Hill shooting and while it was so very heartbreaking, we also got to witness an incredible community rally around one another and watch true strength and hope lived out. I am grateful for those friends we spent much needed time with.

photo by Kaitlin Holloway Photography.
Ok, that's all I've got for now. Hopefully I can actually write about all the big things on my heart more this week. Oh and the house! Our new house is going to be such a wonderful place for our kids to spend their teens. I can just see B and her friends on the stairs in prom dresses. Its currently a 1989 golden-oak-everywhere mess but we are working on it. Just to give you a taste of the 90's awesomeness that we are dealing with, I present our living room when we moved in. 

You may want another cup of coffee to soak it all in...  Which reminds me, mine is cold. Back to the microwave. Blessings, -Erica

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