Its been a while...

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

So many things have happened, some have gone right and many have gone wrong, and everything changed.

I've changed.

And definitely not in the ways that I thought I would. I took a look back at my blog posts and realized that some of those same demons that I have fought in my past, still define me. New ones have also crept in.
I have been living in a hard reality.

For the last year, I have let grief define me. It came in multiple forms, and under many circumstances, but I'm finally dealing with it.

I'm finally beginning to heal.

I can see the beauty in the storm.

Getting to spend a week in the mountains with some of my favorite people was so freeing.

I need to live out the prayers that I spoke at Frontier Ranch. 

I'm ready to pray bigger than I ever have,
climb over the hardest mountains in my life,
and see God move in ways that I cant even imagine.

Here is to healing. Finally.

And coffee. Please don't forget the coffee. 


  1. Daughter dear, what a blessing you are in my life. Also, stop having birthdays - you're making me feel old. :-)

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