Back to School!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

It's my favorite time of year!


You might think that as a stay-at home mama, I would dread them being gone.
This is when I get to work. 
My ability to volunteer, blog, support my friends, get involved in community events, and love my neighbors well, all seems to work best for me while the kids are actually in school. It sets up a good routine for us. There is a rhythm to our life that we lose somewhere between June and August.

I love the smell of new school supplies, and I don't even dread buying them. I enjoy the process of setting up my kids to enjoy learning. I am extremely grateful for the teachers in their lives.

Nothing like going to the "back-to-school bash" to find out what teachers they have only to get a text 5 minutes before you arrive with the words "I got your girl!!!" Then having to smile and hold back tears of joy as you wait to let your 7 year old go find out for herself who she will be lead by this year.
It was amazing to see her face light up when she realized which class she will be in, the same one her brother was in, with the teacher who has a son the same age as her and shares her birthday.

I'm excited to see how much she grows this year.

As for the boy... well lets just say that watching him walk into 5th grade is requiring a lot more kleenex than I expected. This parenting gig is hard stuff sometimes.

Coffee makes everything better right? 

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