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Monday, August 31, 2015

Hubs and I received the awesome opportunity to go to as leaders to Young Life camp in July. We went to Timberwolf Lake in western Michigan. So incredibly gorgeous. The leaders, speaker, and program team were so fabulous. Not to mention the awesome work crew & summer staff! This was my 3rd camp over two summers, and this go round I learned a few things I would like to share with y'all.

15 hours on a charter bus is better when you can sit next to your hubby and drool on him while you sleep. Sidenote: The current generation of doesn't appreciate Wayne's World. This is both sad and stunning.

Our fearless leader Robyn and her hubby Casey.
Do not try to play games/mixers in flip flops with your loaded backpack on. You will fall and almost break your hip only an hour after arriving at camp, because you are old.

You will then go get ice, miss club, and cry in your room because you don't know if you can do this. Because now you are going to miss the events and fun stuff with your friends. Every step will be painful. Every activity sitting on the sidelines will make your heart break a little more. And the thought of missing out on that time with them sucks. Especially having to stand at the bottom of the ropes course, the one thing you really wanted to conquer with them. You will do it with a smile and coach them down from the tower and cheer like crazy when they take that leap.

The good news is, there are amazing people and staff at YL camps. From program team to head leaders and especially the speaker, Ms Kelsey Jenney. They will be funny, encouraging, and most of all, will love your HS friends deeply. Almost as deeply as you do. They will perform the most awesome skits, come up with the most hilarious games, get the least amount of sleep (as if a leader thought it was possible to get any less at camp), and bring the holy word of God to life.

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Jenney.
You will ask those people help you by praying for you and your friends, you will continue to walk all over camp (even though it hurts like crazy) to participate in events and share meals with those friends, teach the freshman and newbies the meaning of “spoons”, get pied in the face (and enjoy it), ask the deep questions during cabin time…

and you will see God move in the most amazing ways.

Also, you will also spend way too much money on YL swag at the store. And even more money buying ice cream (or frozen lattes) for friends during one-on-ones. Every penny will be worth it. Because your friends will see how much you care. They will begin to understand that you are in this for the long haul and that they can trust you.

You can even watch as friends accept Christ for the very first time. Watch their eyes light up when they realize that they don't have to “do” anything to earn God’s love, it is freely given. That they ARE Tov Meod. Broken places in their life begin to find healing, new friendships and bonds are formed, and they see how important a relationship with the creator of the universe is. God does mighty works in them.

The long bus ride home is dark and quiet with reflection. You come home tired, exhausted really, yet so energized and ready to see how God is going to continue to move in the lives of your friends.

I thought being a parent was tough. I am pretty sure that being a YL leader is right up there. My girls make me a better parent, a better wife, and a better friend. They continue to teach me how awesome God is, and how much He loves us. I am forever grateful to get to participate in this ministry.

I cant wait to see how much my girls grow this year. I am so blessed that they let me be a part of their amazing journey.

Have questions or want more info about YL? Click on one of the links below!

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